Saturday, June 18, 2011

Geneva Bride

~ My Pretty Bride
No No No! It's GeNeVa! Yes, she is Geneva! what's a special name! As I always confused to call her *Gevena* but this time I will remember... always Ha

This Photo is taken by : Christina (my makeup artist)

Location @ My Humble House Esplanade * this is my 2nd time to be here* I just like this restaurant as the decoration very impressed me. But the only thing I don't feel comfortable is the.. Lighting!!! Of course the lighting is good for the enviroment, you will feel relax and romantic when you are having a dinner here with your love ones or family.. but it is not suitable for makeup *Crying* because it is too dark.

But, I'm so happy that Geneva got us a meeting room finally which is bright and the space are big enough ^^ I think it can be accommodated about 20 over people. *Thanks Geneva*!!

As you can see in the picture, the light is actually not from the room it was from the window the daylight! So bright, isn't it?! =)

I love this angle. The eyes looks like a pair of wings with the False eyelashes on

Clean makeup is the Priority.