Wednesday, March 28, 2012

JOLYN Barbie Doll Look

 About the look.. Make more has enhanced my features! My eyes are actually droopy but the bold, big-eye Barbie look created by the thick, black eyeliner has made my eye 'open up'. I really feel young and confident.

1. Foundation: Barbie Shimmer'n Glow Base
2. Barbie Genius Makeup BB Cream SPF35++
3. Barbie Mineral Powder Pot SPF17 (01 Light Beige)
4. Barbie Simmer Powder Pot (02 Violet)
5,6 (Top Left & Right) Barbie Eye shadow 01 Baby Green & 02 Pink
7. (Bottom Right) Barbie All-day Waterproof Liner (01 Black)
8. Barbie Eye-doll Volume Mascara
9. Barbie Shy Cheek Blusher (01 Baby pink)
10. Lovin' Barbie Lips (S03 Strawberry Milk)